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February 2018 

The Love Awakening is an extension of The Rodan Foundation, a spiritual center founded in 1981 by Rev. Clarke Carraway. Through the Metaphysical Church of Enlightenment and ongoing activities, The Rodan Foundation provides uncompromising revelation to fuel awakening beings with love, healing and heart awareness. The Love Awakening offers self-empowerment tools and courses designed to help you awaken and reclaim your personal power through living positive life frequencies. We actively participate in living the power of love by extending volunteer efforts to support the people and environment in our local and greater community.   

 Our mission is to assist humanity in awakening to the power of love AND lovingly assist humanity in awakening.  Our intention is to help others help themselves awaken to who they truly are and to choose to use their powers for the greater good. Our vision is the collective awakening of humanity, bringing forth harmony and unity for all. Join us as we learn and grow in the ways of living love and loving life!   

Reclaiming Your Power by Taking the High Road

     Article by  Nikki Sapp

If you ever get the chance to treat them the way they treated you, I hope you walk away... and do better." - Zebian

On some level we would all like to think we are always on the high road. How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say, "I hate drama and negativity, I reuse to let that kind of stuff into my space," only to be followed up with some sort of accusation of blame or gossip about our determined antagonist?

 Or, how often do we find ourselves or other placing stipulations around our taking of the high road? I'm a nice person, until someone disrespects, talks about my family, talks about my country, insults my religions (insert your trigger of choice here)?" 

It seems as though a societal norm is to claim to be a kind, drama-free type of person, but it's completely "OK" to let all that out of the window is someone does that one thing that you just "won't put up with".

Of course it's easy to the the high road or claim ourselves to be in a "drama-free" zone when we are dealing with people who aren't pressing our buttons! The true test (the one that separates a masterful person from one who can easily be dragged into a confrontation) is: are you willing and able to take the high road when it's hard? Are you willing and able to take the high road no matter what happens or how much the other person thinks they "won" if you do?

Power and the high road go hand in hand - "How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours." - Dyer

At some point or another we've all succumbed to our overwhelming anger. We've all said or done something that has not reflected our highest moral integrity. In fact, part of learning how powerful we truly are is to see ourselves evolve over time from a person who was reactionary and confrontational into a person who is able to respond to people in the most empathetic and compassionate manner, no matter how triggered they have made us feel. The first step in taking the high road, is forgiving ourselves for all the times we haven't, and intending to do better. Once we have made peace with all of the points in our past when we have not taken the high road, we free up the ability to move forward in a more mature manner. The truth of the matter is the high road is always the most powerful position. Every time we allow another person to draw out behavior that does not align with our highest integrity, we hand over our power to them, and affirm to the universe that we require more opportunities to practice not reacting when we are triggered. Seeing things from this perspective, shows us that every time we are challenged to choose love over anger, is in all actuality the universe attempting to hand us back what is rightfully ours (our power), and to anchor within our energy field our belief in our own selves and the power of love.

What those that have successfully reclaimed their power from all of the people, places, and things that have previously been able to draw out of them negative or fear based behavior know that love, kindness, and empathy are the attributes of a truly powerful being. Things like fighting, name-calling, getting revenge, putting down, or blaming are indicative of a person who is afraid of their power being taken away, or of being over-powered... aka an UN-powerful person (or one who does not believe in their own power.)

Eventually it becomes easy… “Someone once asked me, ‘why do you insist on taking the high road?’ I answered, ‘why do you assume I see two roads?'” ~ Unknown  

The beauty of becoming more accepting of ourselves, and aligning with notion that life happens perfectly, and all situations are manifested by us as opportunities to heal or anchor belief in our own power, is that over time taking the high road becomes second nature.                                                    

If you’ve ever held yourself back from saying something to someone out of anger, or challenged yourself to look at things from all sides and chosen forgiveness over finger-pointing, you’ll know the true pleasure of choosing the high over the low road.                  

One of the most satisfactory feelings is in knowing that you could’ve “gone there” (insulted someone or taken jabs at them) and you chose not to. Taking the high road time and again and experiencing what it feels like to truly walk away from something with your head held high, knowing that nothing and no one has the power to make you compromise your own integrity, is how one eventually becomes indestructible.                                      

When others see how powerful and confident we are within the realms of love and compassion, you never know, they may just be inspired enough to choose the same for themselves the next time they are confronted with a choice between the low and the high road.

The "I Love Me" MeditationTM

The "I Love Me" Meditation is a simple and profound heart-centered practice of generating your personal frequency of love.  It will teach you how to activate your natural capacity to generate and experience love through conscious awareness and conscious choice.  This practice helps us to awaken.  It encourages personal empowerment, greater self-esteem and self-discovery as we learn practical means of replacing fear and negative frequency with the most powerful force in the universe: Love! 

Certified teachers of The Love Awakening host the I Love Me Meditation series throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Each one hour class is $10 and is to be paid at the time of the session. Please contact MaryAnn Gutoff for more information: (650) 726-2882. 

Our Bay Area certified teachers also offer free introductory classes. Contact teachers directly for specific dates, additional days and times, presentations at your location, and follow our Facebook page for updates. 

Feb 12th 6:30 p.m. Introductory I Love Me class; HeartSpace Studios, 12D School Street, Fairfax CA. Info: (415) 250-6164

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Join with us as we delight and inspire the elders of our community with lively company, silly joke time, and a fun, oldies-but-goodies sing-along with musical accompaniment. Don't sing well? Don't worry! All you need is a heart full of goodness and a smile. Come live your love with us and experience the blessing. Adults and children of all ages are welcome.  

Sunday, February 25th ~  BodyTalk Cortices Stress Reduction

12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. Burlingame Woman's Club   
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Learn a fast and effective way to dial down your stress levels and tune in to balance using the BodyTalk Cortices technique. We''ll learn how to balance the left-right brain for ourselves and get a chance to practice it on others!

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A Loving Companion 

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~Anatole France  

Each month, The Love Awakening highlights precious animals in need of nurturing, care, and a forever loving home. “Hi, my name is Sweetie Pie!! I'm an 8-year-old spayed female. I am a lady who knows what she wants in life... wet food, catnip, and occasional petting. I'd love to go to an adult savvy home without other cats. Would you like to share your loving home with me? Please ask for ID#A831921. Ask for Sweetie Pie! ” 

Please contact The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCAAsk for Sweetie Pie!

 "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

-Lucille Ball