The Rodan Foundation

Located in Burlingame, California, The Rodan Foundation was founded in 1981 by Reverend Clarke Carraway. It is dedicated to encouraging individuals to reclaim personal power and accept responsibility for their lives. The Foundation's primary intention is being a source of love, light and revelation. 

We are helped to realize there is no death and that we are eternal beings clothed in physical bodies. We learn that the Source, Prime Creator, dwells within each of us as us and as all of Creation. All that the Source has is at our disposal. We are encouraged to discover the magnificence of our being. 

Through the practical application of exercises, the hidden potentials of awareness, discernment and actualization are revealed. We practice moving beyond linear thinking as we explore the ever-expanding dimensions of reality. Through application of the "I Love Me" Meditation and the Embrace of Acceptance teachings, we gain a sense of self needed to reclaim our personal power. 


                     Photo credit: "ESA/Hubble" 

Learning to generate specific frequencies leads to self-empowerment. Success and fulfillment result when we generate the "I love me," "I trust me" and "I accept me" frequencies in place of those of fear, doubt and judgment. As trust is essential for successful living, we practice trusting our personal intuition, Life, and its processes. 

Go with the flow and say, "Yes!" to Life. 

In addition to leading The Rodan Foundation, Reverend Carraway, an ordained minister since 1970, works with other churches and organizations in the United States and Europe. He is an inspirational speaker, and his abilities as a channel are evidential and reassuring. The dedication and integrity he brings to his ministry greatly benefit those he serves.