To reveal: to make known, to draw back the veil

Revelation: disclosing something not previously known or realized  

We live in a time when all who live upon the earth are moving from one age (Pisces) to another (Aquarius). This age has been spoken of as the Age of Enlightenment or the Golden Age. It foretells of a time when humanity shall move from an unconscious existence to an awakened state of conscious unity. The beliefs of separation shall be released with all of the attending fear, ignorance and superstition. Simultaneously, humanity will awaken to embrace love, joy, peace harmony and humility, one person at a time. This coded information, streaming from Source, is drawing back the veil of illusion, density and distortion, making known the possibilities of an awakened awareness for humanity. This ongoing revelation is the foundation of the teachings of The Rodan Foundation and flows in many directions with our community.

    Photo credit: "ESA/Hubble" 

The Haven 

The Spiritual Evolution Class

The Metaphysical Church of Enlightenment 

Church Lectures

Private Counseling Sessions 

Reverend Carraway offers clairvoyant and trance sessions by appointment in Burlingame, California, where individuals may communicate directly with their teachers and loved ones. 

Pilgrimages Every two years, The Rodan Foundation community has gathered in vortexes located in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Sedona, Arizona and 29 Palms, California for intense periods of fasting, meditation and joy. This is done in preparation for individual and group guided journeys with Reverend Carraway who trance channels ascended teachers. 

Through all of The Rodan Foundation's opportunities to experience revelation, we know we are being stirred by Life, itself to evolve and awaken from the dream of who we believe ourselves to be. As we discover who we truly are, the illusion fades, revealing our oneness with all.