Our Living Philosophy

                  Photo credit: "ESA/Hubble" 

The Rodan Foundation's Living Philosophy embraces the realization of our collective awakening. As the Earth raises her rate of vibration and lowers her magnetic field, our human energy fields change respectively. Our awareness of self is being stimulated to move from a linear fear-based belief to accepting ourselves as multidimensional and multifaceted. As we awaken to our true nature and our own DNA activates, we begin recognizing how to claim health, prosperity and happiness by consciously choosing our thoughts, feelings and actions differently.  

The ability to generate the life giving frequencies of love, trust and acceptance, and to live life though these frequencies opens our awareness to corresponding dimensional realities.  

The discovery is made: we are creators. Our naturally developing, but up-to-now limited capacities of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience, allow us to accurately discern what was once hidden. New worlds with new opportunities are revealed. The old order of control and manipulation is unmasked and the opportunity for reclaiming personal power becomes ours to choose. 

As seeded creators, we are inseparably connected to Source: Life itself. Presently, we find ourselves on Spaceship Earth with many other sentient beings involved in a grand biological experiment. Earth life is much more than it appears. More than a third dimensional experience, Life is showing itself to be composed of multiple layers, many dimensions, and inhabited by a host of intelligences just beyond the borders of our five physical senses. This is a part of our collective awakening: to honor all Life everywhere as all life forms are the Creator as itself. 

The old limiting beliefs of self inhibit our ability to adjust to the increasing Earth energy and incoming information about our world. What was once believed to be a flat world is now revealed to be quite otherwise. This flat world notion of ourselves is exploding while simultaneously dreams and visions of our original perfect pattern seep though the cracks of the overlay, stirring us to awaken. 

The Rodan Foundation's Living Philosophy is an ongoing revelation designed to inspire our continuing transformation into who we truly are: Magnificent beings of light.