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The Rodan Foundation's Philosophy and Development Class 

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The Philosophy and Development Class provides an in-depth opportunity to experience expanding awareness of self and life.  It is an ongoing flow of revelation designed to promote personal awakening, personal responsibility, transformation, and empowerment. 

This weekly class, held in Burlingame, California for more than thirty six years, is a channeled connection to the Emissaries of Light who bring forth information as enlightenment to awakening humanity.  These channeled teachings are presented in a peaceful and loving environment allowing all present to learn more about themselves and life. 

The  teachings are available as monthly correspondent  lessons.   Lessons are also available in German and are taught in Frankfurt, Germany.  For more information regarding English or German lessons, please contact our offices. 

An Excerpt From The Philosophy and Development Class Lesson, Week of November 23, 2015 

Love is always, and it is always here no matter where your here may be. You in your awareness, as you open yourself to love, are going to discover in your discernment love as it is radiating from your planet. You’ll pick up on the love that Mother Earth is radiating. You’ll pick it up in the atmosphere. You’ll pick it up in the other persons who are here. You can pick it up in the cells of your body because everything generates love. The more you open yourself to love the more you discover love. In your going out into nature you’re going to experience love being generated by the trees, by the plants, by the animals, by the birds, by the inanimate, the very earth itself. You’ll be able to pick up on the love in the atmosphere, the air, and the sky, and the clouds, and the moon, and the stars and the planets, and the ethers. Because everything, everywhere love is. As you allow yourself to be present with this experience you can then begin to find within you the urging, the moving for you to generate love inside yourself and so do. Choose now to generate love inside yourself to meet the love that is radiating. As you generate it that other part of you who is the observer witnesses your connection.

You notice that this has taken place in the present. Your ego has, at this time, brought in other thoughts and feelings. Your tendency, of course, is to become distracted by those, but realize there in that vibrational space also is love that you can open yourself to and connect with love in that space. Instead of being distracted by the activity. For the sake of education and experiencing, let us now venture into your past; anywhere you would like to go with anyone. Let yourself recall, remember and whatever feelings and scenes come up and realize love is there. Choose to open yourself to love. If your rational mind is interfering and saying, “Well how can that be?” Then realize love is there too. Choose to open yourself to love that you would otherwise separate yourself from by remembering the past. Failing to realize love it there. There is nowhere love is not. If you choose to open yourself to love wherever you may be your experience, to the degree that you open yourself to love, there will be love. If you choose to generate love to meet love then you’re going to have as your experience that your observer will take in.

All the futurizing that you find you do, and in most instances it is, again, ego. Let yourself now go into your future. Think of something that you know is going to happen. Perhaps you are anticipating it, perhaps you’re dreading it. In whatever feelings you are generating, and in whatever you are seeing, open yourself to love for there is love. There is no midst of anything wherein is not love. Love is everywhere all the time. You have operated for so long under the misconception that love did not exist unless you called upon it. It is that which allows all things to be. Once you begin to open yourself to love in and through all things, in and through whatever time, love is going to be your experience. When you choose to generate love to meet it then you are making a conscious connection that is a part of your evolution.

Whenever you find yourself going stupid love is there. So when it dawns on you that you’re stupid, realize love is right there and choose to open yourself to love. Develop this focus. So here we are in love communicating and our communication is love speaking to itself and love hearing itself, and love opening to itself and generating itself to meet itself.  

An Excerpt From The Philosophy and Development Class Lesson, Week of October 19, 2015 

Many of you are afraid of humility because you are afraid that if you get humble, then you are going to be taken advantage of.  You are going to lose your edge.  Others are going to look at you and say, “Ah ha, someone I can jerk around.”  The fact of the matter is, love has, as a part of its inner dimensional being-ness, humility.  You are going to notice as you grow in living love, that love will bring to your inner attention, you don’t have to prove yourself.  If someone else comes to you with the need to prove themselves, or to make themselves look better, love will give you an inner sense of security and well-being that will then translate into your allowing the other to be whatever way they, in the moment, feel they need to be.  

With it will come a stretching of your current awareness that will allow you to realize, all paths lead to the one.  While you may, in the moment, see a difference in another’s choice, you will look again and realize that path is leading to the one just as mine is.   If you find there’s that part of you that says, “Yes, but, yes, but,” you can then em-brace your ego and say, “It’s alright.  We’re learning to live love, and love is allowing.”  Perhaps somewhere along the way it will also dawn within you, you have no idea what that other person is living inside themselves that is stimulating them, motivating them, to act the way they are acting.  In that it can certainly affect you in a positive way of being less inclined towards judgment.  Unless, of course, it just can’t be helped, and (chuckles) they just reveal themselves as so stupid, you have to proclaim it.  Some of you missed the humor of that.  (Laughter.)  You took that very seriously.  It must be some form of identification I picked up on.  Isn’t it incredible that all of these billions of beings of light and love can be so stupid?  (Laughter.)  Yes, I like your honesty. That notion has crossed the ethers many times.  

An Excerpt From The Philosophy and Development Class Lesson, Week of October 5, October 2015 

Then other things come up such as vulnerability.  Just the mention of that word and a part of you starts quivering.  (Chuckles.)  Well, that’s part of your ego.  That’s because your ego feels that it will not be taken care of if you experience vulnerability.  This is where you need to step in and say, “I love you.  I really love you.  I love me.”  Notice how it begins to relax.  The more you have this as the theme of communication with your ego, the more together you’re going to be.  That’s really important, dear ones, for you to be together in yourself when life presents itself to you.  How valuable that is for you will then be able to, with a greater sense of ease, allow yourself to feel vulnerable.  It will begin to dawn on you in you with you that vulnerable is essential for your progression.  As long as you try to go forward and progress armored up (get a feel for that now), you’re not going to make it because you have to shed that armoring.  You have to let it go.  You’ll want to let it go because you realize it is preventing you from progressing.  It isn’t necessary where you’re going.

That’s the seeming disguise of vulnerability.  It approaches you as it is, but your projection of your fear upon it causes you to see it as a threat.  So you’re seeing the threat instead of the promise.  When you get with ego, and you let ego know, “I love you, and it’s okay.  We’re going to do this together, and it’s good.”  Then you step into vulnerability and on the other side where you just left, all that armoring is going to fall to the ground and begin to lose it intensity of frequency and eventually, like ice, melt and finally vaporize and disappear entirely.  But you won’t be worried about that because you won’t be paying attention to it.  It will be happening because you let it go.  What you will be paying attention to is the gathering excitement that begins to build up in you as you move further and further into this new dimension, allowing yourself to be vulnerable.  What does that really translate into?  You allow yourself to be you.  That’s a discovery in itself, and it’s awaiting you. 

An Excerpt From The Philosophy and Development Class Lesson, September 2015 

We have spoken to you of expanding your current awareness. This expansion, of course, to you in your current frame of reference would be like moving out, getting bigger, moving in all directions or in some directions when the fact of the matter is, this type of expansion is another dimensional expansion. As you begin to focus with your intention on being in the experience of living your love, living your goodness, living  your kindness, living your expressions of deep inner desire to serve, to help, you are going to find that you move into this reality. That is the expansion of which we speak regarding your awareness. Your awareness becomes your reality, as the reality becomes your awareness, and the other denser reality is removed entirely.

To bring it back to simple expression, look for the good and praise it by living it. If your praise is only a verbal vibrational expression, it will only vibrate for only so long to a certain measure of focus. When you choose to look for the good and praise it with your expression of living it, you have added a measure of energy to your focus that brings you into a deeper experience of reality. The more you do it, the  more you find you are inclined to do it. The more you follow your inclinations, the stronger your ability comes to actually live this. The more you live it, the more it becomes your current and attending reality, the less you are concerned and even to the point of no concern, of how this all comes about because you will have yourself anchored in that attending certainty, all is well. 

Here's a very happy aside that I'm sure all of you will love to hear. As you choose to do this and choose to live this, you are positively retraining ego to do this and live this, too. Isn't that wonderful? (Yes!) Instead of you listening to it, it starts getting the energy of what you're living, and it starts feeling a deep and abiding connection to it that it loves to live. When you get there, you'll know what I am talking about. It is a part of reality of which I speak.