Transformational Healing 

    Photo credit: "ESA/Hubble" 

The Healing Community  of The Rodan Foundation is an active, ongoing partnership with the Creative Force/Intelligence of Life. This is a multi-dimensional experience wherein those who participate are encouraged to recognize and work with Life's perfect blueprint. This original blueprint or pattern exists for all people, all situations, all locations, all times. No matter how altered it may have become by disease or disharmony, it still exists. The intent of the Healing Community is to reactivate the perfect pattern wherever it is called upon and recognized. It is through recognition and acceptance of the perfect pattern that disease is dismantled and ease is reconstructed and reestablished. Through the frequencies of love, not hate, and trust, not fear, the perfect blueprint for the person, situation or time is stabilized and maintained.  

The List of Fulfillment 

Our prayer list, comprised of names of persons, animals and situations, is meditated upon weekly in a group healing circle by members of The Philosophy and Development Class and daily by individual class members. Class members in their visualization of fulfillment for each entry on the list, unite with the Creative Force of Life and reactivate the perfect pattern. Entries for the list, which remain on the list for four weeks, may be submitted during our church services. They may also be phoned, mailed or emailed to the Foundation office. 

A Moment of Healing  

To participate in the Healing Community prior to our services at The Metaphysical Church of Enlightenment, Healing Practitioners are present during our moment of Meditation and Healing for fifteen minutes each Sunday at 10:15 a.m. During this time, practitioners, with their heart and inner ear, tune into the Realm of Perfection, linking the person in the chair to this perfection, that they many accept for themselves and receive the benefit that perfection has to offer. As the recipient chooses to  accept perfection for themselves, change and healing occurs naturally.